Sunday, 16 June 2019

Week beginning 10.06.19

We would like to start this week's blog with a big thank-you. Last week we had one of the best turn-outs ever for our reading cafe. It was so nice to share some stories and craft activities with so many family members. 

Also, I think you would agree that the summer fair this year was a super success. A massive thank-you to FOSA for all their hard work and all of those that came along to enjoy the fun and contribute to the school fundraising efforts. A fantastic time was had by all and we were even blessed with a break from the rain, well almost! 

Here's are some of the other things that we have been up to in Seahorse class this week...


In maths, we have been rounding off our learning in geometry with an in depth look at 3d shapes. We have been identify and describing them using properties such as vertices, edges, faces and angles and even had a go at constructing them using gummy sweets and cocktail sticks!


For the next couple of weeks we are looking at the human effect on the rain forest, as we start our new topic on letter writing and debate. We are focusing our research on the current politically relevant subject of palm oil use and sustainability. 


In science, we have designed our own experiment on factors that affect germination and growth and have come up with some surprising results. Ask us what we have found out. Also, we can now describe the life-cycle of a flowering plant from the germination stage right through to the different methods of dispersal. Again, ask us, can we remember them all! 

Next week we start our final science topic of 'Animals Including Humans' . Watch this space to find out what we get up to. 

Finally, the highlight of our week had to be our class visit to Amazona Zoo where we could see in real life some of the animals we have been learning about this term. We had some super discussions with the experts about how they are adapted for the rain forest environment  and learnt lots more about these incredible creatures and their needs. 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Week Beginning 20.05.19

The sun was shining on Necton Primary School this week, as we were one of thousands of schools taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day. Take a look at some of the things we got up to...

Exploring the local church grounds and writing tree poetry for our English lesson

 Human Venn and Carrol diagrams on the playground for maths

Pond dipping during our science lesson

Eco Council meeting in the bell tent

Paired reading with Starfish class in the bell tent

Sunday, 5 May 2019

With lots to look forward to in the final term of the year, Seahorse class have had a flying start to this terms topics. 


Maths is all about the time. We have been identifying, estimating and comparing durations of time, by designing our own experiments and using our results to help us estimate how many times we could complete a task in a set amount of time. We have been working hard to tell the time accurately to the nearest minute digitally. You can help at home by asking us throughout the day, to show our skills and knowledge.  We are starting to look at the 24hr clock and clocks with Roman numeral, to gain a broad understanding of the concept. Next week we will be looking at time differences. 


It's a non-fiction topic to start off this term. We will be deepening our understanding of the creatures of the rain forest, as we write information pages about our chosen animal. Scientific vocabulary, accurate facts, paragraphs, engaging sentence starts, conjunctions to compare and explain are all high our on checklist, as we make our own individual pages for a class book. 


During our new science topic all about plants, we have been dissecting, identifying and describing the parts and functions of a flower plant. Who knew how much was going in inside these beautiful blooms! 


Miss Furnell is rapidly adding new chords and songs to our repertoire during our ukulele lessons, as we start to prepare for our end of year performance. Save the date! Thursday 18th July pm. Invitations and further details coming soon!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Week beginning 11.03.19

This week it has been all about hypothesising, testing and observing as we have been enjoying joining in with the national celebration of British Science Week. Our Theme has been 'Journeys' Here is an over view of what we have been up to.

Day 1- Make it fly

We were given three designs of paper flying machines (planes, helicopters and gliders) and we had to improve our models to make them fly higher, faster or longer. Ask us what we changed to make the more successful models.

Day 2 - Matilda's floating feet

This experiment really got us thinking! How do you get a tissue paper newt to float using only a balloon? Static electricity is the answer! We explored the power of static electricity by creating a charge on a balloon and a variety of objects such as: plastic bag loops, feathers and polystyrene balls to create floating or jumping objects. Also, giving ourselves fantastic new hair dos in the process!

Day 3-  Trajectories

One of our favourite experiments! We made catapults using lolly sticks, elastic bands and pom-poms (as our projectiles). We experimented how to increase the trajectory of the pop- pom, by changing different variables. The most successful included: creating a larger stack of lolly sticks, changing the position on the pivot and changing the pressure when flicked.

Day 4- The journey of a water droplet

We learnt about the water cycle and were set a challenge that we initially thought was not even possible. Miss Palmer gave us a cup of extremely muddy water and lots of different tools and materials. We were given the task to make the water as clear as possible. We ended up with some pretty impressive results. Ask us how we managed it!

Day 5 - Changing states

We looked at different substances and discussed what defined a solid, a liquid or a gas. We then had some fun making a Non-Newtonian liquid. A liquid that acts like a solid when under pressure. 

And finally...

The celebration was topped of by an exciting visit from BAE Systems (British Aeronautics and Engineering), presenting practical demonstrations from the science of night vision goggles to iPad controlled Sphero Bolts.